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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Antiquing Again and A Weekend Away

Last weekend, Cigar Man surprised me with
a night at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. 
Do you ever pretend like a
tourist in your own backyard? 
There are lots of interesting places
in our own hometowns. 
We just have to slow down long
enough to enjoy them. 

Heart of Country Antique Show was going on in the hotel last weekend and so we took advantage of that too and I have a few photos of the show later.

The Opryland Hotel is a wonderful place
to meander around. 
The gardens are well maintained
and out of this world!

Each area has its own personality. 
We pretended to be in New Orleans here. {hehe}

A river even runs through it!

As I mentioned, the annual Heart of Country Antique Show was showing in the hotel and there were so many unusual antiques and interesting booths.  Here's just a couple.
Colleen Frese Antiques in Iowa


Oh, I loved this dormer and could have easily brought it home with me, but remember, Cigar Man was with me. (you know what I mean?)

The owner of this booth, Simple Iowa, was so friendly. She told us a little history.  It came from an old barn in Iowa.  It's in pretty good condition for being exposed to all kinds of weather for years.  If she doesn't sell it, she's going to use it herself.  

We got into a discussion on styles and such.  She told us people want to decorate their homes in a certain period or style like French Country or Early American, but in reality the original homes of these styles were very eclectic.  They might have items of varying periods.  They weren't able to pitch what they didn't want and start over.  They had to use what they had.  I thought this was probably very true and an interesting fact.
If you're ever in the Nashville area, I would recommend dropping by the Opryland Hotel. 
Even if you don't stay there, it's a sight to see!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time - Thanks for sharing your visit. Have never been there - maybe some day.
    Hope you are enjoying the warmer temps as I am.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I would love to go to Nashville someday. That dormer was absolutely fantastic! Wish I could run across something like that. Glad you had a fun time!

  3. What a fun weekend!! My mom stayed at that hotel a few years ago while visiting...she loved it!!

  4. What a fabulous getaway!! I'm sure I can find an excuse to visit and stay there!
    Mary Alice


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