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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Candle Lighting

A few years back I found a couple of my mother's candles.  What makes them so special is that I gave them to her years ago. 
In fact, these candles are about fifty years old! 
(I was a mere child when I gave them to her.) 
I love the old look, but I didn't want to light them and melt them down. 

So one day I saw the light. (Pun intended). 
I could dig out a ditch in the candle I want to keep,
and set one of these little votives inside. 

Now, I can enjoy my flickering candle and keep it too.
Kind of like, having your cake and eating it too!
Stay Cozy and Warm.


  1. Great idea to use a small tea light inside the beautiful candle…enjoy the candle light!

  2. How special to have these pretty candles with so many memories. Love your idea of preserving them and still being able to use them.
    Mary Alice

  3. Hi Marsha, great to connect with you again! We must think alike. I did this same thing to a very ornate candle I wanted to save. Looking forward to following you once again.


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