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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Decorating My Mantle

If you saw my last post, here, you know I took the plunge and altered my builder's spec mantle into one more my taste.  Now I have an empty mantle so it's time to PLAY. 
Before Christmas, this is what my mantle looked like.

I wanted something that complimented my distressed mantle more than the picture above so I started shopping around the house.  Do you do that?  Shop around the house?  It's a lot cheaper than shopping elsewhere and Cigar Man is much more pleased with the former.  I throw very little away.  When I stop decorating with something, I store it away instead of throwing it away.  Chances are I'll use it again. 
This is what I found.

Now what to put next?  I started exploring ideas.  Where's the best place to search for ideas, but the source of all information, yes, the INTERNET. 

Here's one idea that popped out from Country Living.  I like the pottery.  So I find myself shopping again...in the house, of course.

I pulled this pot from another room and added the grass.  I love the way the curly branch climbs up the wall.

Then I balanced off the other side with two pots.  A little something else was needed so I added the greenery.

Remembering a flower arrangement I had stored away, I pulled some greenery out of it that I could use in my mantle arrangement.
Cut some florist foam that I already had to fit my pot and ...

filled my pot with greenery.  Actually, this photo is my first try.  After placing it on the mantle, I thought it was a little too much to suit me so I pulled it out and started over.

So this is my final product.  I love the simplicity after all the "foo-foo" from Christmas.  I'll spruce it up for Spring, but for now I'll enjoy. 
What I spent on this project?  NOTHING BUT TIME!


  1. It really is fun to shop the house and get the creative juices flowing. You have some great things stored away for creating a dramatic mantel.

    Hope your week is filled with the extraordinary!

  2. I love the beautiful finish of your fireplace mantel! You have done a wonderful job of accessorizing it.... the metal wall grille look so pretty paired with the urns and pots and adds height to your vignette.....nicely done! Shopping around the house is my favorite way to decorate a home:) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us and for visiting me! Happily following you back through GFC! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! hugs, Poppy

  3. Poppy, thanks loads for coming by and your kind words!!

  4. Very pretty, Marsha! I love that metalwork piece.

  5. Your mantel looks lovely Marsh! I am with you, after Christmas I really want my mantel to be very clean with some very simple adornments. Shopping the house is the only way to go...cheapest too! Great job!!!
    XO Barbara

  6. That fireplace looks soooo good today! Great photos!

  7. Your mantel looks so cozy and charming. Love the new look. I love shopping in my own garage. I have a pile of stuff out there meant for resale, but sometimes it just never happens.

  8. Your mantel is beautiful. You are so smart to shop the things you already have. We should all do that...goodness knows I have plenty stashed around. :)

    Welcome to blogging!

  9. I love your mantel - what a transformation... Everything looks so lovely... Am following you now also... Cathy

  10. Lovely mantel…I enjoyed reading about the transformation. So nice to meet you Marsha!


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